Career With Us


ASTUTE ORG :- We have delivered hundreds of successful campaigns, and developed considerable expertise in the planning, set up, execution and management of Customer Acquisition and Product Sales Campaigns

Job Profile:

Level 1: Business Associate

Learn the essentials of marketing, face-to- face advertising.

  • Smart Selling
  • Business Communication
  • Brand Promotions
  • Confidence Enhancement
  • Customer Service
  • Public Speaking

Level 2: Leader

Become efficient and skilled at marketing and advance to leadership roles to maximize business performance.

  • Training & Development
  • Sales Analysis
  • Individual Financial
  • Self Assessment
  • Recruitment

Level 3: Crew Leader

Learn the basics of human resource development, expanding crew and crew development.

  • Training & Development
  • Sales Strategy
  • Team Profitability
  • Business Strategy Planning
  • Decision Making Skills
  • R.O.I Management

Level 4: Assistant Manager

Become skilled at Managing, Coaching, Monitoring and Motivating a team, Understand the basics of Business Administration, Finances and Operations.

  • Performance led –HR
  • Leadership Development
  • Project Management
  • New Venture Creation

Level 5: Business Head

Strategize, Plan and Manage Resources and Clients. Run and own your marketing unit using your business decisions to decide its growth and profitability.

  • Advanced Strategic Thinking
  • Brand Management
  • Business Expansion
  • Business Networking
  • Financial Budgeting & Analysis