About Us


Mr. Balasaheb Sangle is the founder and Organisation Head of Astute  Organisation. He is a committed Owner and is eminently running clients from various market segments including  Insurance, Google , Telecom and Entertainment.

Mr. Balasaheb has completed his B. Com Graduation in  the year 2004 he is an epitome of a multi-talented personality. He has excelled in every sphere of his life and is a huge inspiration for his entire team. It was his sheer dedication and excellent leadership, which gave Balasaheb an opportunity to successfully run his own company, Astute Organisation in Nagpur.

Being a versatile and flamboyant person, he is a perfect example of a smart businessman that made him attain the position of Business Head in 2008 and is currently running his organisation across India.


To become India’s prime direct marketing company that excels in all the sectors that it works in. We

To become India’s prime direct marketing company that excels in all the sectors that it works in. We provide our customers and clients the highest quality of service. To achieve that, we develop the excellent quality workforce. We also make sure that each individual gets the best chance to develop their skill set and build their career in the marketing industry. To do this, we have developed a culture that enhances the growth of our people which in turn enhances the growth of the organisation.




 Nothing great is ever achieved without enthusiasm. Get enthusiastic, it is the little thing that makes a BIG difference. 

win=win situation


 We seek to win in every venture that we embark on. Staying competitive in this competitive business environment shall remain as our key focus. 

Individual Empowerment


 We seek to empower our team members in all decision making process so that they are equipped with the skills, sets, attitude, and knowledge to thrive in this changing world. 



 These are the basis of a strong character. Respect your fellow team mates and treat them with the highest integrity that you could possibly have. 

Balanced life


 While staying focus and driven in your career, we believe in having a balanced life with your friends and families. This allows us to remain effective and effective in carrying out our daily tasks and achieving our goals, personally and business.